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If you're looking to add light to a small space or don't have an outlet nearby, check out this LED Cordless lamp!

led cordless lamp

LED Cordless Lamp

Looking to add extra lighting to a small space that doesn't have an outlet nearby or just don't like all the ugly cords? This LED Cordless Lamp may be just the thing you're looking for!

led cordless lamp

(Want extra lighting on your mantel? Here ya go!)

My friend Mary recently tried this Rechargeable LED Cordless Table Lamp and was impressed with how well it worked. It's super easy to put together and is made of solid aluminum metal, lasts 12-30 hours after being fully charged (woohoo, it's rechargeable!), and has a sleek touch control design with three dimmable settings!

To turn on the lamp, just tap the top once and you'll get a warm light. Tap the light again and you'll get a natural light color. Tap the top again and you'll get a and white light color. So cool! Plus, in each light mode, you can long press the button on the top of the light and it will dim and/or bright the light!

led cordless lamp

(Taking a bath? Add extra ambience with this waterproof lamp!)

Plus, this lamp is waterproof, making it perfect for humid bathrooms, outdoor patios, camping trips, laundry rooms, kitchen counters – and even for fireplace mantels! It's also great for power outages too!

led cordless lamp

(Want to brighten up your kitchen corner? This cute light is perfect!)

This cordless LED lamp glows a red light when charging (scroll down below to see it charging) and turns green once fully charged. To charge it, just plug one end of the included USB cable into any port (works even when you're outdoors!) and the other end of the cable into the lamp. Once fully charged, the lamp will stay lit for 12-30 hours when powered on!

led cordless lamp

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